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Philippa ("Flip" to her family) knows this year is going to be horrible.

She's never been able to make friends – she's awkward both socially and physically, more so than ever thanks to a kneecap shattered in the car accident that killed her mother the year before.

The unpopular girl becomes one of the best-liked kids in her class, not by getting a spiffy new haircut and attitude but by sharing her artistic gifts.

The klutz finds a sport she can enjoy and excel in.

The one where Chandler can’t cry (S06, E14) This episode has a stark plot hole which surprisingly I’ve not yet seen anyone write about.

The episode revolves around a storyline where Chandler admits that he has not cried since he was a child.

I previously read this book back when I was in junior high/early high school.

In fact he says he would not even choke up a little.No one really seemed to understand, much less respect, the fact that a young woman might need to spend time alone to recharge her batteries. Flip didn't always handle herself well, but her peers also really didn't understand her, and they seemed to expect that she would change to suit their expectations, rather than suiting their expectations to her character, which was frustrating.The romance is extremely chaste, with some mild kissing between Flip and Paul.She's always clung to her family, and now she's going to be on her own for the first time in her life.Spoiler alert: The girl who's convinced she has no courage at all finds enough to perform a truly heroic act for the sake of someone she cares about.

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The author's foreword explains that when the book was originally published the world was not as comfortable talking about death and sex with young people.

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