Who is suze orman dating dating girl in wheelchair

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Nine careers later (she's not that old, they overlapped) she continues to use the gift of self-effacing humor to humanize her larger-than-life persona, her flamboyant style and infectious energy, and to endear herself to audiences everywhere.

Although she walked 60 miles to raise money on the Avon Breast Cancer Walk she is not a camper..idea of the great outdoors is the distance from the limo to the hotel lobby.

Now in her third quarter she is the poster child for the city of Chicago..now a snowbird as a homeowner in Naples, Florida (4th quarter? A voracious reader and wordsmith, her son Jason teases her about her propensity towards self-help and business books when he is indeed indulging in Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.

Born on the fourth of July (in case you want to send a present), she is independent, patriotic, colorful and a real firecracker!

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