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Speed dating wrexham

Locomotive construction, hitherto divided with Wolverton (on the London and Birmingham Railway) was concentrated at Crewe.

Crewe was the centre of a wide-ranging railway network, and freight-handling facilities grew up to the south of the station.The platforms buildings dating from the 19th century contain two bookshops, bars, buffets and waiting rooms.The last major expenditure on the station was in 1985 when the track layout was remodelled and station facilities updated.By the 1890s a survey revealed 1,000 trains passing within a 24-hour period.Half of these were freight trains which did not need to call at the station, so the company decided to build a separate four-track railway line passing to the west of the station, joining the existing lines beyond the north and south junctions, burrowing beneath them and avoiding them completely.

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This was given further endorsement when the Manchester and Birmingham Railway, a separate undertaking which had hoped to build a wholly independent line linking the two cities, shorter than the GJR, decided that it would be uneconomical to compete with that line over the greater part of its length, and decided to divert its own line to meet the GJR at Crewe.

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