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"There have been major changes in terms of helmet technology." Local high schools have changed with the times, too.Many of the inferior helmets that were used by local players over the last few years have been replaced by better-rated models, according to an Inquirer/Daily News analysis of three years of equipment inventories at 28 public schools in Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey.In most cases, these helmets are variations of newer 4- and 5-star models.About three dozen of the 193 helmets are older and no longer manufactured."I know that the school has the resources to stay up to date and provide the safest equipment," said Lauletta, who played quarterback at the Naval Academy and coached a youth football team.Amy Troyano said, "No matter how hard they try to play safely, kids get hurt playing football." Mark Maguire went through that last season.

Pennsbury, Troyano's school, reported that 89 percent of its 2017 helmets ranked as 5-stars.Jared Troyano learned in this season's opening game that no football helmet can guarantee protection against a concussion.The 17-year-old Pennsbury High School defensive lineman was wrapping up a tackle late in the first quarter on Friday night, Aug. "I was real dazed for a minute," said Troyano, a 6-foot-1, 235-pound junior from Fairless Hills, Bucks County.But data also shows that, in more than 100 cases from the schools in the survey, students could be sent into action wearing helmets that Virginia Tech rated as "good," or 3-star.Another 193 helmets in the survey were not tested by the researchers.

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"I was so confused I was completely out of it." Troyano, who was wearing a top-of-the-line Riddell Revolution Speed helmet, sat out the rest of the Falcons' victory that night and watched the next seven games from the sidelines as he recovered from a concussion.

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