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The incident involving a manager, who was clearly hoping she’d have sex with him — he told her that he and his girlfriend were in an open relationship, but that he was having a harder time finding women to sleep with him — happened within her first few weeks at the company back in November 2016.When she reported the manager to HR, along with screenshots she’d saved of their chat conversations, Fowler was told that since it was the manager’s first offense and he was a “high performer,” he’d be let off with a warning.This is a woman who did everything “right” — a woman who kept, and showed, the receipts.She reported incidents immediately to her managers and HR, and she came to those meetings with not just verbal complaints, but with physical proof to back her allegations.“I had a new job offer in my hands less than a week later.” Stories of women in tech who go public with the discrimination they face in the workplace typically don’t have happy endings.Ellen Pao, who would later co-found Project Include, a nonprofit working toward promoting diversity in the tech world, famously lost the lawsuit she filed against Silicon Valley VC firm Kleiner Perkins in 2012 for unfairly gendered hiring and promotion practices.

This wasn’t the only time Fowler was gaslit while at Uber.In 2015, ex-Facebook employee Chia Hong filed, and later dropped, a gender and racial discrimination suit against the company.Adria Richards was fired from her job working as a developer for Send Grid, after she tweeted a picture of two men she overheard making a sexual joke — “big dongles” — at a Python programming conference in 2013.Today, Horvath works as a designer at Apple; and Fowler left Uber and was able to quickly transition to a role at a different company, doing the same work she loved doing at her old job.(Not for nothing, Fowler is quite clear that when things were good at Uber, she was passionate about the work she was doing and enjoyed her job.) One harrowing year aside, her career seems to still be on track, which is likely a big part of the reason Fowler felt comfortable enough to come forward.

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“Every time something ridiculous happened, every time a sexist email was sent, I’d sent a short report to HR just to keep a record going,” Fowler explains in her post.

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