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Live sex cams american express

In this guide, we look at the various options you have when it comes to customising your own sex doll and just how realistic they are.If you visited a sex store in the 1980s your choice of sex doll would have been restricted to a simple inflatable with a comic open mouth, fixed position and chances of deflating (or puncturing) mid-action a distinct probability.For those people who know exactly what they want but can’t seem to be able to find it.The company offer a service whereby you can simply send images of what you would like and they can create a doll for you to match your needs.They ship internationally and don’t send the doll until you have seen a ‘proof’ which you are happy with.

Accessories include wigs and outfits plus cleaning and repair kits.

The company also sells a range of body parts should you simply require a realistic torso or vagina and ass.

Why pay for limbs when it’s the holes you are after is the selling point here?

https:// Based in Hong Kong, My Silicone Love Doll ships free across USA, Canada, the UK and Australia as well as some other select locations.

Their position in Asia exploits a lower cost of raw materials and manufacturing costs to bring a quality product to the market at an affordable price.

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Want to customize your own sex doll but don’t think you can afford it?

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