Is ciara dating 50cent

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Wilson’s relationship with baby Future hasn’t gone over so well with everyone, though.

Adult Future has expressed his disdain of the situation, saying, “I’m cool with him being around him, but certain situations, we all in the public eye, you can’t move around with my son a certain kind of way.” She was on tour, she was traveling, and I was looking at her in the mirror, and she was sitting there and God spoke to me and said ‘I need you to lead her,’ and so I told her right then and there, what would you do if we took all that extra stuff off the table, and did it Jesus’ way (he later confirmed he was talking about sex)? For as talented as Wilson is on the field, he is just as impressive off of it.

They broke up, Trey citing he was still in love with Lauren.

When 50 Cent and Ciara officiially ended things in 2010, Chelsea Handler said she was the reason for the break up.The couple officially got together in 2013 and cemented their union with a duet.But the “Body Party” was over almost as soon as it began, with Future allegedly mistaking their monogamy for…something very different.An insider informant has said that it’s over and she’s devastated, but her focus is on the baby.Imagine your ex-girlfriend was expecting a child with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The rapper Future doesn’t need to take part in this little thought experiment because it is his literal situation. Future and Ciara’s hostile estrangement has lasted a whole lot longer than their short-lived engagement.

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