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With the exception of the meaningful women in his life (all saints), he tends to view all other females in a negative light.

He rarely gets emotionally-involved with his “targets” as he will need to move on to get new sources of narcissistic supply.Men and women with narcissism seek sexual gratification as a way of getting attention and narcissistic supply – they may say they are addicted to sex, but it is the attention and control they crave. Seducing someone into having sex is a form of control.The more difficult the target is, the more power and control they feel.They seek to torment and frustrate them by sexually humiliating them or by withholding sex from them.They have ambiguous feelings towards the sexual act.

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The somatic narcissist gains his ‘narcissistic supply’ from other people’s reactions to his body via sexual conquests, bodybuilding, athletic abilities, competence in outdoor activities, or sometimes simply preening.

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