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Dating saudi federations

Acting under chapter VII of Charter, the body also called upon the Houthis to refrain from any provocations or threats to neighbouring States, release the Minister for Defence, all political prisoners and individuals under house arrest or arbitrarily detained, and end the recruitment of children.Imposing sanctions, including a general assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo, on Abdulmalik al-Houthi, who it called the Houthi leader, and Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, son of the president who stepped down in 2011, the resolution called upon all Yemeni parties to abide by the Gulf Cooperation Council and other initiatives and to resume the United Nations-brokered political transition.The Council had for months demanded that the parties in Yemen proceed with the agreed upon political transition, the representative of the United States recalled.In response, however, the Houthis had intensified their military actions, threatening the country’s and region’s security.LIU JIEYI () said the resolution reiterated the international community’s support for the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen and it commitment to ensure that differences were resolved in a peaceful manner through dialogue.It was extremely important to restore stability in Yemen and the wider region, he added, stressing that there was no military solution.All parties must work towards achieving a prompt ceasefire and restoring stability and order through an inclusive political transition led by the Yemeni people.

There were inappropriate references to sanctions, he added, stating that resolution must not result in an escalation of the crisis.He said that while the Yemeni Government and other parties were finalizing a comprehensive peace framework, opposition forces had mounted a coup d’état, threatening the social fabric and cohesion of the Yemeini people.He applauded the response of the Gulf Cooperation Council to the crisis as consistent with the imperative of preserving Yemen’s Constitution and rebuffing Iran’s designs.The text failed to take into account proposals his country had made and to call on all sides to halt fire, did not provide for due reflection on consequences and lacked clarity on a humanitarian pause.There were also inappropriate references to sanctions, he added, stating that the resolution must not result in an escalation of the crisis.

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The resolution just adopted was aimed at ensuring that everyone engaged in the United Nations-negotiated process in good faith.