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Dating harmony banjo

For example, by 1888 Kansas City reportedly had a hundred mandolin clubs and orchestras.

To capitalize on the increasing demand for instruments, and taking a cue from the success of all-banjo orchestras promoted by S. Stewart, mandolin manufacturers developed mandolin hybrids to compose an all-mandolin orchestra.

The Fairbanks/Vega banjos from this period are said to "represent the company's most beautiful achievements in workmanship and design".

The development of the tenor banjo was the result of several cultural, musical and technological factors that coalesced to produce the instrument.

The foremost dynamic was the twentieth century "dance craze".

Surprisingly, the tenor banjo story has not been well chronicled.

The mandolin was relatively unknown in America prior to performances by the "Students" and their imitators.

The popularity of touring mandolin ensembles created a swell of interest.

Soon, musicians could actually earn a living playing dance music.However, it is clear from available resources that its development occurred in phases.First, its inception during the period 1908-1915 and second, it's blossoming during the 1920's.The mandolin, which is tuned like the violin and played with a pick, produced a soft and desirable music well suited to recreational playing.The mandolin also appealed to amateur players because of its relative low cost, ease of playing basic techniques, and light weight portability.

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