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Custom dating script

" Dolores also plays a minor role in "The Foundation", where she sees Jerry on the street, recalls his recent engagement, and when he reveals that it didn't work out, requests that they go out sometime. According to an interview with Castle Rock executive Glenn Padnick that is included on the Seinfeld Season Four DVD, the script originally called for Jerry to call out the name "Cloris".However, between scenes during the taping of the episode, the audience was asked what they thought the woman's name was, and an audience member answered with "Dolores".A slightly earlier (circa 620 BCE) but similar script is found on an ostracon excavated at Mesad Hashavyahu, containing a petition for redress of grievances (an appeal by a field worker to the fortress's governor regarding the confiscation of his cloak, which the writer considers to have been unjust).After the Babylonian capture of Judea, when most of the nobles were taken into exile, the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet continued to be used by the people who remained.In 1855 a Phoenician inscription in 22 lines was found among the ruins of Sidon. A facsimile copy of the writing was published in United States Magazine in July 1855.

Jerry then suddenly remembers her name, and calls out to her from his window, "Dolores!Dolores is Jerry's girlfriend in "The Junior Mint".In the episode, Jerry is dating this attractive woman whose name he cannot remember, though she told him her name rhymes with a part of the female anatomy.The writing was primarily a genealogical history of a king of Sidon buried in the sarcophagus.The Paleo-Hebrew alphabet was in common use in the ancient Israelite kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

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