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For every human life is divided into two essential phases: 1) : from response to God (leading to faith in Christ), or rejection of God.

Until that time, Christ is the dividing point in every person's life (chronologically as well as spiritually).

In the end, however, his very success merely opened the door for the promise and eventual reality of the coming of the Last Adam (1Cor.), whose sacrifice would restore to life all of Adam's progeny who would choose to believe in Him. : The devil's temptation of Eve (and the subsequent fall of Adam as a result: see Part 3 of this series), was a textbook display of Satan's use of deception and of the anatomy of his most potent weapon, the lie (see Part 4 of this series).

Instead of reconsidering, however, Satan wasted no time in launching an all out effort to thwart God's plan of replacement, concluding that if only he could corrupt mankind, no further threat from this quarter would need to be feared.

By returning to God, saved human kind would in this way regain more than had originally been lost. The Two Phases of Human History: The Foreshadowing and Fulfillment of Jesus Christ: The Old and New Covenants 3. The cross (followed in short order by the resurrection) was obviously the focal point of our Savior's earthly life, and it is history's focal point as well (in tandem with the resurrection). From the divine point of view, all history before the cross looks forward to it, and all history since looks back at it. For through Him we have become eternally united to Him forevermore: II. Jesus Christ is thus the key to all human history, because in Him is the only solution to the sentence of death mankind has willfully placed over its own head, and because in Him deity and humanity have been joined forevermore, guaranteeing beyond all doubt the absolute solidity of the promise of eternal life through His name.

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And He Himself is before everything, and everything subsists in Him.: As Christ is the central person of human history, so the death and subsequent resurrection of Christ is history's central event.